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Transformation Begins April 16th - 18th 2020

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Gain Perspective & Understanding
Create a Personal Life Strategic
Ensure Consistent Success

Finally Answer 

3 Life’s Most Important Questions


Discover Your Strengths, Unique Gifts & Talents 

Every person is endowed with strengths, purpose, and impact to make in the world. Help those you serve with a framework that helps them discover their hidden gifts, talents, and skills. Don’t allow others to live an unfulfilled life.


Develop a Personalized Plan to Walk in Authenticity and Purpose

How would each day feel getting out of bed if you had skills set to help others discover their true calling in life and prevent them from wasting years missed opportunities and helping live the life that God created them to live.


Take Action on Pivotal Insights, Truths’s & Strategies

Learn a step by step action plan to really go after their, life, relationships and careers. It takes a proven process, and our Transform U Licensees are given full access to the framework, content, and live training to help them be successful in serving others.

Discover how the Journey Principles Life Mastery Process has given others like you the tools to shape lives, careers, and businesses.

You don’t have to wander through life missing your authentic self and missing your truest purpose.

Don’t Live an Unfulfilling Life

Overcome a Difficult Past

Maximize Your Career or Business

Develop Deep Meaningful Relationships

Maximize Emotional Resilience and Emergence

Increase Your Physical Well-being and Health

Create a Detailed but Easy to Follow Strategy


You need to be clear on your, action plans, and how you will serve the marketplace. We can help. Click below to book your workshop.


You need to be clear on your, action plans, and how you will serve the marketplace. We can help. Click below to book your workshop.


Create a foundation for your business and unlock your legacy’s potential. You “CAN DO THIS” and we can help.

What Makes Journey Principles Transform U so Powerful?

Every principle offers a promise, when you live the principles, you will also live their promises!

The Journey Principles Transform U is revolutionary because it is not based on academic wishful thinking but by principles that have been explored, developed and refined through the lens of faith. We know how difficult it is to discover who you are, what you are to do, and how you must get there. Take ownership of your future with a proven process to guide you to life transformation. We simply cannot get to any destination without knowing how to get there.
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The Journey Principles Transform U Framework is a culmination of a Live Immersive Workshop, Online ongoing education and one to one life strategy sessions taught by Stephen Scoggins, creator of theJourney Principles Transform U framework. Stephen was taught by life and humbled by grace as he himself went from homelessness to owning and operating several highly successful companies. He studied Cognitive behavioral therapy, Dialectical behavior therapy, and Neurolinguistics for decades and as such is versatile in a language human thought, resilience, and life mastery.  He’s consulted with hundreds of Entrepreneurs, athletes, and soccer moms to help them clarify their life’s meaning, purpose, and direction.
Stephen isn’t a professor in some highly acclaimed institution but a practitioner of life, business mastery. The Journey Principles Transform U the framework was designed to help overcome his own life traumas, pains, and adversity. Stephen’s clients have dramatically increased their clarity, purpose, and direction in their lives after learning the Transform U techniques, strategies and principles.

Over the course of the 3-days Journey Principles Life Mastery event, you will: 

  1. Learn how to gain complete clarity and perspective in their lives and completely develop deeply personalized life strategies for people from all walks of life.  You will completely understand what God’s says about a redemptive life’s journey, how His hands move and why it’s the most powerful resource you will ever need to help them discover who they are, why they are here and more importantly how to glorify God.
  2. Learn how this systematic process has been used by the world’s top entrepreneurs, athletes, and entertainers to disrupt and overcome self-destructive behaviors and get off the hamster wheel of life.
  3. Apply this framework to your own life and live a more meaningful life towards the renewal of others and watch a greater meaning take place in your own life. Journey Principles Transform U will help you create compelling life strategies that put rivers of living water where desserts once stood.
Everyone one us was created for lasting freedom in their lives and has tremendous value and purpose. We are here to guide everyone from the misfits, and outcast to those of high influence. You can play a part in transforming lives and preventing others from living an unfulfilled life. Once you change one life you will never look back because every renewed it creates a legacy through future family tree’s.
Register for the Journey Principles Life today and spend 4 days with Stephen Scoggins and his team. Why? Because if you don’t get started now then every life you could play a part in transforming will pass you by.

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What You Can Expect From Transform U  

A clear to the vision of you are at your core authentic self. (Strengths, Gifts, Talents, Purpose)
A clear understanding of your personal roadblocks and how to overcome them permanently.
A roadmap for setting healthy boundaries in every area of your life.
A clear approach to daily strategic steps to win in your life, business, and career.
A clear financial plan to keep you on the right track.
A personalized Life Mastery plan you can trust. 

*Don’t take for granted what it feels like to avoid the sleepless nights and frustration of not moving forward. 

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Transformation Focused First

Offering The Most Cost Effective Way to Transform Your Life Business of Career.

The Journey Principles programs were created for those truly looking for a breakthrough in their life, business, or career. We know what it’s like to work like there is no tomorrow just to scratch up little savings. We also know what it takes to break through. We know how powerful and life changing our programs are and we do not want a financial roadblock to stand in the way of your radical transformation. If your roadblock is financial but your heart is begging for transformation, then schedule a call with one of our advisors and we will customize a plan to make your attendance possible.