A Proven Process to Take The Fear Out of Building a Business

Clarify Your Vision • Develop a Plan •Prepare Your Team • Grow Your Business

September 26th - 28th 2019

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Get Clear

Get Serious

Get Started

Avoid The Sleepless Nights

I don’t even know where to start

Will my idea even work

When should I hire

How will I generate income and opportunities

What’s my value proposition

When should I go full time

Can I Really Lead

I don’t know what to expect so, how do I even start

Over Two Decades of Bootstrapping Multimillion Dollar Businesses at Your Finger Tips

Our Guides Will Teach You How to Align Your Vision to a Strategic Vision That Works


You need to be clear on your action plans, and how you will serve the marketplace. We can help. Click below to book your workshop.


You need to be clear on your action plans, and how you will serve the marketplace. We can help. Click below to book your workshop.


Create a foundation for your business and unlock your legacy’s potential. You “CAN DO THIS” and we can help.

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Transform U Business Deliverables

A clear to vision to communicate to others A clear steps to start a business at a stable pace

An easy to communicate story A clear value proposition

A clear approach to marketing

A clear financial plan to keep you on the right track

A simple, duplicatable  process Action items that bring the biggest return

*Most budding entrepreneurs don’t realize they’ve been stuck for years. Transform U Business Conference gets your dreams moving again

How will you benefit from the Transform U Business Conference?

If you are not clear on your direction you won’t be able to effectively build a client base, a team, or a reliable market initiative. You will over or under communicate and struggle to help customers understand how your business is the best solution for their problems. Transform U Business Conference aligns your dreams with easy to follow steps and proven actions to remove years of confusion in less than two days.

Here’s how it works: Stephen will guide you through real-life examples of what it takes to start from scratch and develop yourself and your business in an operation worthy success. Each morning you be immersed in an inspirational educational format moving step by step to laying out a personalized plan for your success. You will be lead through a customized workshop for your budding business. During the workshop, you will learn a proven process to help you succeed and minimize your risk. You will create a foundational vision and the action steps behind it for all aspects of your business. You’ll then put your training into immediate practice with our non-competitive peer to peer breakout sessions.

What Makes Transform U Business So Successful?

Transform U Business Framework is revolutionary because it teaches you to remove the fear from starting your business, and instead, gives you a step by step approach to execute a clear vision with confidence. Thousands of upcoming business owners now have thriving businesses due to the Bootstrap Business Framework. But, how can you know if you are doing it right? The answer is to attend a workshop and learn the framework to help you avoid years of painful mistakes.


We know how hard it is to confidently build a business. We know the sacrifices that must be paid. We also know the costly mistakes that can be avoided. And when you clarify your vision, your business starts to take shape and work for you, your future team and your local community. You can create a thriving and rewarding business.

The Bootstrap Business Workshop is taught by Stephen Scoggins, creator of The Journey Principles Life and Transform U Business frameworks. Stephen has studied business from the trenches, actually building several companies from scratch. The first of which was started from the trash piles of a construction site while sleeping in a borrowed a friend’s car.

He’s consulted with hundreds of companies all over the US to help them avoid catastrophic business failures, overcome difficult hurdles, and get them on a proven path to business success.

Stephen isn’t a professor in an ivory tower. The Transform U Business framework was created to help him build a multimillion-dollar business from scratch.

Countless of Stephen’s Entrepreneurs have dramatically laid the groundwork for their success, increased their revenue, and gathered pivotal leadership lessons to keep them growing for years to come after learning the Transform U Business framework.

In the 3-day Transform U Business Workshop, you will:

  1. Learn a proven foundational framework to begin a company from. You will learn the process to help you develop a personalized formula execute on the what, when, where, and how of your upcoming organization.
  2. Learn to carefully craft your actions steps for each and every day of your business and avoid pitfalls of taxes, low revenues, and building important teams. See how this formula has been used by fellow entrepreneurs to make their dreams and organizations become a reality.
  3. Apply this framework to your company’s market presence, client pitches, products, services and key parts of every business. Including your brand, logo, websites, print designs and more.

Fear is eliminated when information is learned, applied and measured. Our lives are drawn to clarity and direction. If you are confused about what you offer or a direction to go then your customers, teams, and family will be too.

Once you know why it matters, what to do, when to start, and how to take the next steps you will sleep better and build a highly successful business.

Companies that can communicate clear objectives and initiatives win in the marketplace. Register for the Bootstrap Business Mastery today and invest three days in yourself and with Stephen Scoggins. Why? Because nobody will know how much they need your product or service until you tell them in the right way.

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