Top Life Lessons | Sarah Jakes Roberts

Top Life Lessons | Sarah Jakes Roberts

Today Stephen interviews Sarah Jakes Roberts. Sarah is a pastor at the Potter’s House at One LA and the Potter’s House Denver. Her messages spread throughout the world defying cultural, religious, gender, and socio-economic boundaries. Whether through her bestselling books or viral messages, it only takes a few minutes of connecting with her to understand why she becomes an instant favorite. Sarah has a unique way of reaching people who are seeking to make peace with their past, maximize their present, and deepen their relationship with God.

With her down-to-earth personality, contemporary style, and revelatory messages there’s no question why she is an emerging thought leader for this generation, yet her growing influence came by surprise. At twenty-three years old she was tempted to allow her journey as a woman battling insecurities, teen pregnancy stigma, low self-esteem, toxic relationships, and depression to define the rest of her life. It wasn’t until she was in her darkest moment that she realized she only had two options: settle or evolve. Sarah dared to harness the wisdom of her past wounds and apply them to the hope for her future.

The process of transforming from the insecure and fearful young girl that she was into the powerhouse wife, mother, businesswoman, and leader that she is took dedication, discipline, resources, and spiritual growth. Her passion is to utilize her experiences, insight, and influence to help every soul she encounters to evolve into the best version of themselves.


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[0:39] – Woman Evolve – Why Now?

[2:55] – Know Better; Do Better.

[4:55] – Identity.

[8:25] – Environment.

Achieve Your Dreams Faster | Ira Davis

Achieve Your Dreams Faster | Ira Davis

Today Stephen interviews Ira Davis. Ira had been an active member of the Marines for over 10 years and was actually training others to become marines when we found out he was being forced out of the Marine Corps. He had no idea what he would do to provide for his young family, he had no clue what his purpose was, and he had just hit rock bottom. It was just a few short weeks later, at 2am in the morning, in the fall of 2014, when Ira accidentally landed on a skydiving video on the internet, in an event that took his breath away. What happened that morning was a divine encounter with God where He gave Ira specific instructions to use the analogy of skydiving to teach the world how to dive for a dream that was bigger than themselves to impact the world. He told him to call it DreamDiving and in that moment Ira’s purpose was revealed. Now, as a skydiver, and as a visionary purpose-driven entrepreneur (dream development coach, transformational speaker, and documentary filmmaker), Ira has dedicated his life to inspiring and equipping a new generation of aspiring and thriving world changers to do the unimaginable.

Ira and The DreamDiver Company staff have worked with 6 to 8 figure entrepreneurs & employees, NFL Hall of Famers, Grammy Award winning singers, Olympic athletes, best-selling authors, elite military units and veterans, churches, colleges, and several other organizations to help them discover their purpose and dive for their most audacious dreams to impact the world.


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[0:39] – Fearless = Fear Less.

[2:16] – Pushed into Purpose.

[6:42] – Identity.

[8:47] – Process to Identity.

[12:50] – Pride Impedes Progress.

[16:44] – Courage.

[18:38] – Surrender.

[19:21] – Awareness.

[19:37] – Faith IS the Journey.

[22:00] – Why is Faith Scary?

[28:30] – Prestige.

[38:48] – How Do We Help DreamDivers?

[44:40] – Assignment.

[48:09] – Recognize a Counterfeit.