California Herald With Stephen Scoggins on the Power of Second Chances

California Herald With Stephen Scoggins on the Power of Second Chances

Determined to associate himself with as many kinds of people as possible, Stephen Scoggins has personally worked with countless people, including notable influencers, professional athletes, pastors, entrepreneurs, C-Suite professionals to soccer moms, students, and everyone in between.

Fueled by hope, prayer, and a second-chance opportunity, he launched an approaching-nine-figure construction company at twenty-two while sleeping in a borrowed friend’s car.

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Stephen Scoggins Reveals the Keys to Surviving COVID-19

Stephen Scoggins Reveals the Keys to Surviving COVID-19

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JPI Founder Stephen Scoggins shares how to survive COVID-19 in a recent Grit Daily article.

During this unsettling and unprecedented time, our Founder and CEO Stephen Scoggins wants to assure everyone that we will come out of COVID-19 in a better place, provided that we hold fast and come together. 

In a think piece published on July 26, Stephen shares his belief that keeping a level head and avoiding reactionary decision-making will help businesses withstand the pandemic, and reminded the reader that the market always returns in the end. 

In the meantime, he says, we should focus on people. Rather than immediately jump to layoffs and downsizing, identify wasteful expenses first. Not only does this keep you from letting go of valuable team members, but it also sends a message of strength and resilience to your people and your competitors.

Before Downsizing, Consider Unifying

In the article, Stephen reviews 5 principles that have allowed his companies to thrive while everyone else is struggling. The first is to be transparent and unify. “We told [our team that] we needed to come together and take care of one another to prevent saying goodbye to someone we care about,” he shares. Then he and his team began a dialogue in which they re-evaluated each person’s role and considered how each person could expand their role in order to increase their effectiveness. 

Avoid Over-Leveraging to Prepare for Troubled Markets

Rather than rely on “cheap” money, Stephen believes that it’s better to avoid debt, arguing that growing incrementally as existing cash flow allows is safer. He explains that an ongoing goal of his organization is “to have cash when others don’t.” 

Initiate a Dialogue With Your Customers

In the article, Stephen urges businesses to remember that their customers are in the same boat and to go the extra mile to figure out how to help them. Rather than stay in fear, get creative. Be a source of solutions and reason for those who need help. Renegotiate terms and prices generously and temporarily with a definitive end date. There’s always something you can do, no matter how bad things appear.

Rethink Your Business Model

Both Custom Home Exteriors and The Journey Principles Institute have cultures that reward ideas and innovation, and this comes especially handy in times of crisis. Leaders emerge when things get hard, Stephen Scoggins insists, because it compels us to think differently.

Be Patient, Ignore the Hype, and Focus on What You Can Do

There’s only so much good that can come from watching a crisis unfold. In the end, it’s more important how we conduct ourselves. Competition may rise and the economy may change, but our business’ success comes down to us. Keeping your eye on the prize allows you to be patient and not overreact with the rest of the crowd.

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JPI to Donate Dave Ramsey Curriculum to High Schools in Raleigh, NC

JPI to Donate Dave Ramsey Curriculum to High Schools in Raleigh, NC

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The Journey Principles Institute is donating the Foundations in Personal Finance curriculum by David Ramsey to 3 high schools in Raleigh, North Carolina: Enloe High School, Harding University High School, and Jay M. Robinson High School. Ramsey Solutions recently announced the move in a press release.

JPI’s founder, Stephen Scoggins, has been an outspoken advocate of Dave Ramsey and Ramsey Solutions for years. As a man who went from homelessness to running a multi-million dollar home remodeling company, Stephen understands how powerful money management is in determining a person’s future. He has credited David Ramsey and his teachings with helping him tremendously in his entrepreneurial journey.

Foundations in Personal Finance has been taught to over 4 million students across the country. Middle schools, high schools and universities offer the course as credit requirements in a wide variety of subjects. These include mathematics, business mathematics, personal finance, family and consumer sciences, and economics.

Ramsey Solutions & Ramsey Education

Dave Ramsey founded Ramsey Solutions to help people everywhere get out of debt and discover financial peace. Services offered include educational materials, personal coaching, and consulting for both nonprofit and for-profit businesses. The organization uses a wide variety of mediums to share its message of financial responsibility nationwide.  These include books, radio, live events, and guest columns.

For more information, go to the Ramsey Solutions website. You can also follow the company on social media:

About JPI

The Journey Principles Institute was created to give individuals powerful tools for personal growth and self-awareness. Our founder and CEO, Stephen Scoggins, believes every human being carries vast potential that can be untapped through practical disciplines and by following certain principles. We encourage you to check out our free ebooks written to help you go from stuck to unstoppable in your relationships, career, and emotional health.