Breakthrough Boot Camp

Access Your Limitless Potential

Life doesn’t have to be so hard.

You deserve the opportunity to reach your potential

MARCH 12 2021

Virtual One Day Event 8 Hours to Turn Your Dream into a Reality








As Seen On 



Increased Passion


Clarity of Purpose


Actual Rest and Replenishment


Increased Levels of Energy


Authentic Significance


Progress Professionally


Focused Time of Development


Higher Levels of Connection


Higher Income


Confidence to Become Unstoppable

Become the powerhouse you know you are. It’s time to breakthrough those barriers.


To refocus your priorities and take back what 2020 took from you. Confidence. You want to be in a career that makes you feel unstoppable and ignites your spirit but find yourself wishing there was more.

It’s time you discover your clarity and direction. Your business will not see the results unless you start showing up for YOURSELF every single day. You have the potential, you just need to unlock your authentic self to achieve clarity.

I take the framework from  Transform U  which that takes you from, Am I ever going to be happy?” to “Holy crap, why the heck did I ever wait so long to do this?” And built the foundation of this program on the 8 step process to achieve peek confidence, higher income, and professional development.

How Do We Get The Results We Desire?  

We G.R.O.W.

Around your passion, gifts, skillset, and talent you already have. Tap into those forces inside of you that have been suppressed for so long. It’s time to understand WHAT you are good at and HOW to turn those skills into your business.

Discover that you are keeping yourself stuck. Say that again. You need to address the things internally that are in your way so you can gain the perspective you need..

Together we’ll map out a step-by-step plan to build the life of your dreams. With easy to follow steps that you can trust to build confidence. 

Put in the work knowing that the steps you are taking are the right ones to Win. The. Day.

This Bootcamp is designed to help you work through your plan. That is how you Breakthrough

Start putting the work in for yourself and your business

  • When you are operating in your gift, truly, truly operating in your gift, it’s an awesome thing to live even the smallest portion of your true purpose and this team can help you finally get there.

    Les Long - Professional Comedian

  • I really thought I could build a meaningful life on my own, after all, I had two decades of experience. There are so many things I was missing to truly make that happen. It can be hard to have the humility to admit you need clarity and direction but once I did, I'm finally loving the life I am living.

    Trey Wilkins - Aspiring Entrepreneur

  • I can't say enough about how Transform U  has radically changed me. I was nervous about the cost at first, but now that I've been through the process, the benefits I've reaped have far outweighed any fear I had originally. There is just something special about learning from those that have already been there.

    Courtney Mitchell - Mom, Entrepreneur, Health Coach

  • There is no other example I can think of that does it so well with so much energy and so much passion and to do it better, help more, and reach those who feel lost than the Journey Principles Institute. Transform U simply works that's it from their resources to their conferences they always give me more than anyone else hands down!

    Lee Flach - Entrepreneur

  • This has been absolutely amazing and worth far more than what I paid! Transform U promised to deliver. I came all the way from Trinidad and Tobago, and let me say that Transform U absolutely delivered!

    Engel Jones - Entrepreneur

  • Winning an Olympic Gold Medal was a one of a kind experience... but I had to face what happens after the gold medal. Transform U Live taught me how to really map things out and discover my true identity

    Latasha Colander Clark - Olympic Gold Medalist

  • Before, I tried many times to give up on my dream, but it just left me yearning for the possibilities. Now to see this vision coming to life has given me such a renewed sense of purpose. I finally wake each day excited and full of energy. I have not felt this way in years! Thank you, Transform U.

    Mark Green

  • All I can say is... Powerful. Transform U really unveils life-changing transformation. I now know who I am, what I am supposed to do, and how I am going to do it. Semper Fi, JPI!

    Tyler Pope, US Marine

  • Everything Stephen and Transform U has given me has to lead me to breakthrough, by showing me how to break things down one by one and finally tackle my roadblocks. For the first time, my life is exploding with advancement. Transform U Live is the real deal.

    Avery Kraft

Stephen will help you:

Breakthrough Your Current Roadblocks  and Reclaim Your  Hope

Regain Your Confidence

Move the bar and reset better expectations and goals 

Hyper grow your Earning Potential

This isn’t just another virtual master class with lots of information and no application. Stephen is not going to give you just great lessons and send you on your way.  He is going to walk through changes you can make strategically to make real progress, immediately.

What You Can Expect

It’s really not as hard as you think.


Content You Won't Find Anywhere Else


A Live Q & A Session


“Breakthrough Bootcamp” Workbook


A Recording of this Session to Refer Back to

A Breakthrough Roadmap to Ensure You Are Capturing Your Dreams and Aspirations to Create Focus, Clarity and HOPE! 

Discover your potential and grow your business exponentially and  BREAK DOWN THOSE BARRIERS!


Packed With Amazing Value  

That one can anyone can afford


Live Access to Stephen Scoggins: Retail Value $6,997 


Breakthrough Bootcamp” Workbook: Retail Value $97 


Unlimited 2 Week Access to the Event Recording: Retail Value $397


FREE Life Strategy Call: Retail Value $200

TOTAL: $7,691

Your Investment: $47


A Message from Your Instructor

I, like you, spent years and years and years believing that no matter how hard I worked, I would never actually find a lasting breakthrough. I wasted SO much time trying to be all things to all people and never getting any closer to my heart’s desires. I know exactly who you are because I have been there, too. I didn’t start succeeding until someone sat down with me and taught me to think differently about my possibilities. They believed in me when I did not know how to believe in myself.

By not knowing any better, I was actually wasting my time, talents, and resources. I needed a guide who had actually been there, overcame, and wanted to help me do the same. 

I want to be that person for you. 

I want to be the one who helps you realize you are worth more than you know and able to achieve more than you can imagine. Not because you are riddled with mistakes, but because you finally realized how to position the best part of yourself in a focused fashion to cut through any roadblock holding you back.  That is what a Master Life Strategy does for you. It gives you the tools you need to master every area of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 | Where Will The Event Be Held?
Question One

The Breakthrough Bootcamp will be held anywhere you have a reliable internet connection. For the best possible experience, we recommend attending from a desktop or laptop computer and printing out the course materials that you will receive after your purchase. 

Q2 | When Will The Event Be?
Question Two

The event will be held on February 27th, 2021, starting at 8 am Eastern Standard time until 4:30 pm. There will also be several 15 minute breakthrough out the day with a 1 pm Est lunch break for 1 hour. 

Q3 | Can I Send a Friend?
Question 3

Yes! Our goal is to impact and elevate lives, and if you would like to help a friend do just that, make the investment yourself and have them log in with the credentials sent you via email. (Limit one attendant per admission) Once logged in please have them introduce themselves in the chat window as a guest of (Your Name)

Q4 | Are There Scholarships Available
Question Four

“Breakthrough Boot Camps” occasionally have available scholarships available based on the generosity of wonderful people just like you have already experienced the power of the Transform U Process. To check for scholarships, please email a minimum of 3 days before the scheduled event. (Scholarships in the subject live)

Q5 | Will There Be a Replay if an Emergency Comes Up
Question 5

All attendees will receive a replay of the entire event after to watch at their own pace for a minimum period of 36hours after the close of the event. However, all live attendants may have access to special content and bonuses for the successful completion of their attendance. 

From Homelessness to Heartfelt Industry Leader

Stephen Scoggins is a best-selling author, award-winning entrepreneur of multiple businesses with multi-8-figure revenues, a motivational speaker who has spoken to audiences of thousands, and the creator of the proprietary Life-Mastery Framework affectionately named “Transform U”.

As a well-respected and nationally sought-after business and life-mastery thought leader, he challenges and motivates people to break through the obstacles that stop them in their life to guide them to be who they were born to be.
As a part of that endeavor, Stephen has taken over three decades of setbacks, failures, breakdowns, losses, successes, and comebacks and transparently uses them to provide simple-yet-effective step-by-step lessons to help anyone reclaim their hope and go from stuck to unstoppable.

Since then, Stephen has been paying it forward, creating The Journey Principles Institute, an organization dedicated to helping others go from stuck to unstoppable in the areas of life and business. He has appeared in many media outlets including NBC, CBS, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, Grit Daily, and more, and is the best selling author of his book The Journey Principles.