About Us

Finding a breakthrough in your life, career, relationships, or fitness can be overwhelming, but you have the power to do it and we were created to show you how.

Dedicated To Unlocking Your Full Potential…

If you’re like most of us, you believe that there is more possible for your life than what you’re currently experiencing, but you’ve had a tremendously hard time figuring out how to “get there”.  You’re not alone.  Millions of us, year-after-year, are living lives of quiet desperation and have totally given up on our dreams and aspirations.

Here at The Journey Principles Institute (JPI), we aim to become the solution to this problem.  We believe that people get “stuck” in life because they don’t have the information and tools required to get them from where they are today – to where they want to be in the future.  JPI exists to give you the information and tools you need in order to radically improve every area of your life.

Here’s How We Help:

After decades of learning things the hard way, we have identified a set of principles and strategies that are necessary for people to get to “the next level” in their lives.  What we’ve done here at JPI is simple: we have distilled all of this information into a single, comprehensive-yet-simple framework.

We call this “The Transform U Framework”, and it contains everything you need to know to get from where you are now, to where you want to be in your future.  Our framework is different because it is not based on academic wishful thinking.  Our framework is based on principles that have been explored, developed, and refined through the lens of faith.

We understand that you want to know who you are at your core.  We believe that it’s not fair for you to struggle when the answers are at your fingertips.  We know how difficult it is to discover who you are, what you’re supposed to do with your life, and how you’re supposed to do it.  Take ownership of your future with a proven process to guide you towards the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Some people want to double their income or take their career to the next level; some people want to improve their relationships; others may want to get in the best physical shape of their lives.

In order to get control over your life, you should understand that the process for achieving “breakthrough” in any of these areas is not limited to a single area of your life.  We teach strategies that apply to ALL AREAS of life…  No matter what your goals.

Helping You Master Every Area Of Life…

Our goal for you is complete “Life-Mastery”.  However, we’ve found that unless you break your life down into smaller areas-of-focus, this process can be very overwhelming and keep you “stuck”.  In order to reduce overwhelm and keep you making progress, we have broken down “life” into 8 separate areas.  We call these areas “The 8 Pillars of Life”.  Read more about the 8 Pillars of Life here…

Financial Life

Learn how to master your money, increase your income, and set yourself up for future financial abundance and security.

Physical Life (Health/Fitness/Diet)

If you don’t take care of this pillar, you may find that you don’t have the energy necessary to take care of the others!

Relational Life (Relationships)

Learn who needs to be in your inner circle to help become the person you were created to be.  Also, learn to handle toxic relationships.

Personal Growth

This includes your hobbies, anything you’d like to learn, skills you’d like to develop, improvements in YOU.  You are your own greatest investment…  You should always be growing and improving!

Professional Life

Discover your strengths & leverage them for your success in a career you love.

Emotional Life (Emotional/Mental Health)

Mental health is underrated by many…  but it’s very difficult to make progress in life if you’re always feeling depressed and “stuck”.

Spiritual Life

Even a person with no religious background is going to need hope, replenishment, resilience, perseverance, regular reflection, etc.


This is where you “give back” to the world.  This is helping your community, charitable causes, and doing anything you can to serve the world.



Welcome! I’m Stephen.

I am a successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, and life-and-business strategist.  But please, don’t let these so-called titles fool you.  The way I see it, those titles only have value if I can help you become the person you’ve always dreamed of being.  I have been able to enjoy tremendous blessings in my life, but it hasn’t always been that way.  It seems only yesterday that I was begging a friend to sleep in his car, dropped out of high school, and at my lowest point even attempted the unthinkable…

Now, I’m married to a woman who makes each day a little sweeter and my kids are thriving in their lives.  About 20 years ago, I found myself at a crossroads, and the adversity I faced now gives me deeper purpose and meaning.  Simply put, I was struggling.  And I found a way out of that.  So now, 20 years later, as I searched my heart, I discovered that the greatest purpose in life is serving the person you used to be.

Since then I have been obsessed with helping people radically transform every area of their life, and it is my passion to assist people in creating a simple framework for their lives, that brings them lasting results.  I may have started my company from sleeping in that car — but I had faith to believe in miracles.  That resilient determination and my faith were the catalysts that launched me towards building several companies that employ hundreds over three states.  It forced me to learn these lessons the hard way and truly value the application of principles that work.