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About Stephen Scoggins

It’s truly hard to put Stephen Scoggins into a box. He is not your ordinary, typical entrepreneur. His resilience, faith, and deeply held convictions of perseverance helped him to overcome a broken home, suicide attempt, homelessness, and a variety of other deeply painful early childhood hardships. All of which prepared him to serve the person he used to be.

His real transformation began in 1998 when he began to create his first business while sleeping in a friend’s car. As that company began to grow into a multimillion-dollar organization in multiple states, Stephen began to transform from the inside out and developed a deep passion for serving others who also originated from difficult hardships.

He is now the Founder & CEO of multiple companies such as The CHE Companies (Custom Home Exteriors, CHE Commercial, Inspirational Accents, CHE Renovations), The Journey Principles Institute, and Genesis Apprenticeship Program. Each business serves the marketplace in very unique ways, but sharing the same focus of helping others become more.

Serve The Person You Were | Become The Person You Were Designed To Be

Stephen is deeply passionate about giving others the power, education, and pivotal steps to help them serve the person they used to be and become the person they were designed to be. This is done through a variety of Inspirational Live Seminars and workshops such as Journey Principles, Transform U Life Mastery and Transform U Business Mastery.

He is an innovative entrepreneur, transformational author, and inspirational speaker. He is most notably recognized for his passion and ability to help others transform their lives, businesses, and careers.

Stephen’s focus is to inspire lives, build legacies, and make a lasting impact in the world. He does this by offering strategies, tips, and secrets to transform every key area of your life.

The Journey Principles

10 Simple Principles For a Life Journey That Matters

The Journey Principles Book has transformed the lives of its readers by Stephen’s ultimate transparency, and vulnerability of his own journey. If you are looking for more than just something to read, but instead want something to help you gain valuable clarity and direction of your own life, then we invite you pick up a copy for yourself and a friend. Stephen will take you on a journey through real-life principles to help you transform your own life from within.