Eliminate Roadblocks • Create A Plan • Transform Your Life

Never Feel “Stuck” Again…

When was the last time you truly felt happy, passionate and ready to make your dreams a reality?  We believe that it’s simply not right for you to live an empty life absent of passion and hope.  You deserve to make progress.


You have been stuck in life because you didn’t have a plan that works.  To make progress, you need to get clear on what you’re doing wrong, and what you need to do differently. It’s time to live a life of purpose!


Unless something changes, you’ll stay exactly where you are today.  Nobody wants that.  That’s why we developed a set of strategies for life that work for anyone, but first you must get started.


Put our proven framework and strategies for life to work for you, and you will never have to be stuck again.  No more frustration.  No more stagnation.  Only momentum and forward progress.

Are You Wishing There Was More For Your Life?


Do you feel "stuck" or overwhelmed?


Do you make the same mistakes over and over again and you're unsure why?


Do you find yourself focused on your past, living in guilt, shame, or regret?


Do you stay in constant financial stress?


Are you often misunderstood and struggle with relationships?


Do you find yourself wanting to move forward in life but unsure of what to do?

4 Phases That Transform U…

We help you discover hidden talents, untapped potential, and valuable tools to help you take back control of your life by teaching you to master our Life Transformation Process.


Gain Perspective

Get Self-Aware & Get Answers To The Following Questions:

Who am I?

Where am I?

Why am I here?

What do I do about it?

Where do I want to go?

What could help me get there?


Remove Roadblocks

Discover The Hidden Roadblocks That Are Keeping You Stuck

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Overcome Your Difficult Past

Overcome Your Negative Habits

Overcome Negative Relationships

Overcome Low Self-Worth

Overcome Mistakes


Organize a Plan

Map Out A Step-By-Step Plan To Build The Life Of Your Dreams

Map Out Your Ideal Life

Create A Vision Board

Create A Clear Plan

Identify Clear Milestones

Take Daily Action Steps

Measure & Adjust


WORK your plan

Take The Steps And Do The Work, This Is Where You Win The Day!

We Offer:

Consistent E-Learning

Community Groups

Monthly Strategy Sessions

One to One Personalized Coaching

Focused Breakouts at Live events

Eliminate Frustration

Master Every Area Of Your Life…

Financial Life

Learn how to master your money, increase your income, and set yourself up for future financial abundance and security.

Physical Life (Health/Fitness/Diet)

If you don’t take care of this pillar, you may find that you don’t have the energy necessary to take care of the others!

Relational Life (Relationships)

Learn who needs to be in your inner circle to help become the person you were created to be.  Also, learn to handle toxic relationships.

Personal Growth

This includes your hobbies, anything you’d like to learn, skills you’d like to develop, improvements in YOU.  You are your own greatest investment…  You should always be growing and improving!

Professional Life

Discover your strengths & leverage them for your success in a career you love.

Emotional Life (Emotional/Mental Health)

Mental health is underrated by many…  but it’s very difficult to make progress in life if you’re always feeling depressed and “stuck”.

Spiritual Life

Even a person with no religious background is going to need hope, replenishment, resilience, perseverance, regular reflection, etc.


This is where you “give back” to the world.  This is helping your community, charitable causes, and doing anything you can to serve the world.

Lasting Freedom Starts Here

FREE RESOURCES to help you put your dreams back on the map…


Real Lives. Real Results.


  • I really thought I could build a meaningful life on my own, after all, I had two decades of experience. There are so many things I was missing to truly make that happen. It can be hard to have the humility to admit you need clarity and direction but once I did, I'm finally loving the life I am living.

    Trey Wilkins - Aspiring Entrepreneur

  • I can't say enough about how Transform U  has radically changed me. I was nervous about the cost at first, but now that I've been through the process, the benefits I've reaped have far outweighed any fear I had originally. There is just something special about learning from those that have already been there.

    Courtney Mitchell - Mom, Entrepreneur, Health Coach

  • There is no other example I can think of that does it so well with so much energy and so much passion and to do it better, help more, and reach those who feel lost than the Journey Principles Institute. Transform U simply works that's it from their resources to their conferences they always give me more than anyone else hands down!

    Lee Flach - Entrepreneur

  • This has been absolutely amazing and worth far more than what I paid! Transform U promised to deliver. I came all the way from Trinidad and Tobago, and let me say that Transform U absolutely delivered!

    Engel Jones - Entrepreneur

  • Winning an Olympic Gold Medal was a one of a kind experience... but I had to face what happens after the gold medal. Transform U Live taught me how to really map things out and discover my true identity

    Latasha Colander Clark - Olympic Gold Medalist

  • Before, I tried many times to give up on my dream, but it just left me yearning for the possibilities. Now to see this vision coming to life has given me such a renewed sense of purpose. I finally wake each day excited and full of energy. I have not felt this way in years! Thank you, Transform U.

    Mark Green

  • All I can say is... Powerful. Transform U really unveils life-changing transformation. I now know who I am, what I am supposed to do, and how I am going to do it. Semper Fi, JPI!

    Tyler Pope, US Marine

  • Everything Stephen and Transform U has given me has to lead me to breakthrough, by showing me how to break things down one by one and finally tackle my roadblocks. For the first time, my life is exploding with advancement. Transform U Live is the real deal.

    Avery Kraft

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